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SCOM Alert Settings in Config Mgr. How does it work?

Everybody has seen these options during creation of Deployment Type , Program or Software updates Deployment alerts, but what exactly do they mean or do?


Well, we will try to  address this in the next paragraphs.

As most of the people mistakenly think that Disable Operations manager alerts while this program runs  will  trigger client to enter maintenance mode, what it actually does is, it’s suppressing alerts by pausing the OpsMgr healthservice. You can make sure that this is happening if you can see Event 1217 was logged to the Operations Manager log.


More about this in the following blog


What about Generate Operations Manager Alert when Software (Updates) installation fails

Configuration Manager Agent error will be logged in Event Log when this options enabled.

On the client you will need to look in the application event log and filter for Configuration Manager Agent


You will get a list that looks like this:


If you filter for errors you will get to entries that  provide more information





SCOM admins can confirm this alert if set the rule of This Event via SCOM console.

This option is used to output Error Event log only.


More information about the topics discussed :

Generate Operation Manager alert when a software update installation fails Specifies that an Operations Manager alert is created for each software update installation failure. By default, this setting is not enabled.


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Operations Manager 2007 Console Tasks

Configuration Manager 2007 Administrator console tasks require Configuration Manager 2007 Administrator console to be installed on the same computer as the Operations Manager 2007 Operations console. The SYSTEM Environment variable SMS_ADMIN_UI_PATH needs to be defined as the path to the folder containing the Configuration Manager 2007


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Generate MOM alert if this program fails Specifies whether MOM generates an application event log entry if the program fails. If generated, the log entry contains the package name, program name, advertisement ID, advertisement comment, and failure code or Management Information Format (MIF) failure description.


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