Capturing MIF Files during Hardware Inventory troubleshooting

During hardware inventory troubleshooting you needed for sure to collect and analyse a mif file that is not collected  in the BADMIFs folder(e.g.  good case to compare with the bad case).

Here is how you can do it:

First you need to(on the site server) :

Stop SMS Executive

Rename Dataldr.dll

Start SMS Executive

You can also use ARCHIVE_REPORTS.SMS   that you create on the client to collect the XML file that will be sent from the client to the management point(more info on how to do it in this blog)


Now Trigger Full HWD. It is advisable to do full inventory cycle instead of just delta cycle if you need to see what gets collected.

When we see in the MP_Hinv.log that the XML got processed for that client, than we search for the MIF Files:


The file name is:

We can look in the :inboxes\auth\

You can now copy the mif file corresponding to the Client Name and rename dataldr.old back to dataldr.dll and restart SMS Executive.

Stop SMS Executive

Rename Dataldr.dll

Start SMS Executive

Once done the Mif backlog in inboxes\auth\ should be processed in seconds:

You can now compare the MIF with the XML file or good case MIF with bad case mif.

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